Endlich wieder ein paar Tage unterwegs mit der Klasse

Die 4. Klassen konnten in den 4 Tagen nach Ostern eine sehr interessante Wienwoche erleben. Hier ein kurzer Text eines Schülers über seine Eindrücke. 


The most interesting thing we went to in Vienna was the musical called ‘’Cats’’. All of us had to dress nicely. I really liked it how the cats introduced themselves with their own songs. I liked the cat called Ram Tam Tiger most. 

In the Karls Church our tour guide told us that not all of the marble was real. At first we didn’t see it, but then our guide told us where it is. Then he told us that much gold was used to build the interior. 

Back at the hotel, we were eating lunch. We got very bad food like raw noodles. The rooms were nice and had warm water. 

On the last day we went to the airport. Some guy that is working there, drove us through the whole airport and told us everything about it. Then we had a small tour where they told us more about flying a plane. When we finished we wanted to go and get our bottles but we didn’t find the way back. We were searching for the exit back to our bottles. Fortunately, someone remembered the way back and we made it just in time to eat lunch and then drive back to Vöcklabruck.